Captured Cromwell tanks in the Korean War

Cromwell smallThe blog “Thank you for Your Service” has posted an interesting article about captured Cromwell tanks in service with the North Korean Army during the Korean War.  The article states that there has been a good deal of debate over how a handful of British Cromwell tanks ended up in the hands of the North Koreans.  The answer to the question seems to be a battle in late 1950/early 1951 called “The Battle of Happy Valley” in which several Cromwell tanks were captured.  The article notes that many of these Cromwell tanks were later recaptured by UN forces, and in one instance, a Cromwell was shot and destroyed by a British Centurion tank.   The article also mentions a Cromwell in North Korean service that was captured by South Korean Marines during the Inchon landings.  All in all, a rather interesting read accompanied with some good photos.

Read the entire article at “Thank you for Your Service” blog.