From the Vault: The Illustrated London News

Here are three interesting pictures from old issues of the Illustrated London News.  The first one is interesting in that attempts to combine the best features of US and Soviet tank design.  The irony of this picture is that its in a British magazine in 1950, a period when it could could be argued that the UK possessed the best tank (or at least one of the best) in the world in the Centurion.  The second picture is from 1944 and shows what the Allies thought German armor looked like at the time.  It is interesting that while the Panther drawing looks fairly accurate, the other vehicles are really not close at all.  The final picture is from 1943 and show the M3, M4 and Churchill tanks.

Sept. 23, 1950 and is titled: Combining Heavy Fire-Power with Speed and Maneuverability: A Drawing of a Composite Tank Incorporating the Best Features of American and Russian Designs.


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