Video: Jagdpanzer 38 (t) at “Auf Rädern und Ketten”

This video of a Jagdpanzer 38(t) appeared on youtube yesterday.  According to the page description, this footage was taken at the HGM Vienna ( Heeresgeschichtliches Museum Wien) as part of the Auf Rädern und Ketten (on wheels and chains) special event.

Jagdpanzer 38 restoration

HetzersWar History Online has an interesting article about the restoration of a Jagdpanzer 38 “Hetzer” by Axis Track Services for the Australian Armor & Artillery Museum.  The article contains pictures of the restored vehicle next to another preserved Jagdpanzer 38, one of which is an early model, the other from later in the production run.  Both vehicles are actual war-time “Hetzers”, not the post war Swiss G-13 variant.  Read the full article here.  Readers will also find the website for Axis Track Services of interest.  They are currently selling vehicle props used in the film “Fury.