M10 Applique armor

m104Over at Status Report blog, contributor “Vollketten” has written a description of the applique armor system found on the M10 tank destroyer.  The article is well researched and includes a nice selection of images drawn from wartime photos, patent applications and existing display vehicles.  Vollketten has a reputation as one of the more knowledgeable and worthwhile participants at the WoT forums, we look forward to seeing more of his articles at Status Report.

Article excerpt:

Today, there appears to be only a single example of the M10 left anywhere with this spaced armour and it is this one on public display at Veckring near Le Hackenberg. The side armour is complete on the left hand side and missing a piece at the front on the right. Even then, the side armour could well just be re-fabricated post war. This particular vehicle has undergone restoration and repainting as at some point in its life it used to be known as ‘Rose Coombs’

Read the full article at Status Report.