US Army to purchase more M109A7 SPH

1434570673259Jane’s is reporting that the US Army has exercised an option to purchase an additional 30 sets of M109A7 SPH and the companion M992A3 ammunition carrier.  Formerly referred to as the Paladin Integrated Management (PIM) program, the M109A7 features significant upgrades over the M109A6 Paladin by replacing  the tracks, transmission, and engine with units common to the Bradley IFV and adding a 600volt power generator and a more advanced projectile ramming system.  The contract was awarded on Oct 30 and is worth 245.3 million dollars.  This contract for 30 sets of vehicles will bring the US Army’s total number of sets to 66.

For a more detailed history of the M109A7 development, check out this page from Defense Industry Daily.

Click here to read the BAE press release on the contract.