US Marines in Norway

This video of US Marine Corps M1A1 tanks and Norwegian Leopard II tanks sliding around an icy track has been posted by various media sources.    Most of the news stories have presented a shortened version with music focusing on the M1A1.  These longer clips of US vehicles in Norway come from the AiirSource youtube page.




Morocco purchases 150 M1A1 tanks

The U.S. Army has contracted General Dynamics Land Systems for a $358 million Foreign Military Sales contract to upgrade 150 M1A1 Abrams tanks for the Kingdom of Morocco.  The tanks will be completely disassembled and brought to zero-mile condition. Each tank will be upgraded to the M1A1 SA, or situational awareness, configuration, which includes enhanced armor.  This follows a 28 August announcement that GDLS had received a USD17.2 million contract covering the “removal and disposal of 50 M1A1 frontal turret armor packages and installation of M1A1 situation awareness frontal armor packages” for Morocco.  Deliveries are scheduled to begin in January 2017, and end in February 2018.

Taiwan plans to buy 120 M1A1 Abrams

taiwan.soldier.tank_picTaipei Times is reporting that the Republic of China Ministry of National Defense has stated that they are sticking with a plan to purchase 120 M1A1 Abrams tanks.  The deal is set to be finalized in 2017 with delivery starting in 2020 and is valued at $1.08 billion.  The 120 tanks would come from existing US inventory and would replace Taiwan’s M60A3 and CM-11 Brave Tiger main battle tanks.  The article notes that the original plan was to purchase M1A2 tanks, but the less expensive M1A1 was selected instead.  Upon delivery, the 120 tanks are to constitute two battalions for deployment at the main ROC infantry base in Hsinchu County’s Hukou Township, which is tasked with the defense of the capital, Taipei, and northern Taiwan.