Book Alert: M4 Sherman Tanks

Amazon is listing a July 8 release date for the upcoming book M4 Sherman Tanks: The Illustrated History of America’s Most Iconic Fighting Vehicles by Michael Haskew.  This is an illustrated hardcover book of 224 pages.  The publishers description calls this book ” the definitive illustrated history of the Sherman tank.”  While we have not had a chance to examine the book yet, we are going to guess this is a bit of hyperbole given the the number of quality books that have been published on the Sherman tank over the years.  It is hard to imagine any book topping Zaloga’s Armored Thunderbolt: The U.S. Army Sherman in World War II as far as an overall history of the M4, Hunnicut’s Sherman: A History of the American Medium Tank as far as an developmental history, or Son of the Sherman: The Sherman, Design and Development Volume 1: A Complete and Illustrated Description of the U.S. M4 Sherman Tank Series in the Second World War (Son of Sherman) as far as a detailed vehicle description.

Publishers Description:

Seventy-five years ago the most quintessentially American tank was built: the M4 Sherman, which featured heavily in the Allies’ World War II victory and later in films such as “Fury,” starring Brad Pitt.

Seventy-five years after it first rumbled into service, the M4 Sherman remains the most quintessentially American tank ever conceived. What the E-unit locomotive is to railroading, what the Corvette is to sports cars, the Sherman tank is to armored military vehiclesâ??a classic example of American ingenuity and design answering a pressing need or desire.

M4 Sherman Tanks is the definitive illustrated history of the Sherman tank, covering the entire scope of its development, manufacture, service, armaments, turrets, tracks, drivetrains, and its many variants. The book begins with the M4’s evolution from the M3 and M2 tanks and continues through the rapid production of more than fifty-three thousand units in 1942 and 1943 and the tank’s further service among more than fifty nations after World War II.

Photos from the battlefield and the factory floor, exteriors and interiors of Shermans, and war-related ephemera fill the pages. Insightful text examines how the M4’s mechanical reliability and ease of maintenance made it a success, as well as how sheer numbers helped it outgun technologically superior German counterparts. The story doesn’t end there but continues to include the postwar conflicts in which M4s were employed, including the Korean War, the Indo-Pakistani War of 1965, and the Arab-Israeli Wars.

The M4 Sherman tank is an institution in American–indeed, international–military lore, as synonymous with US military prowess as the P-51 fighter or the Nimitz-class aircraft carrier. This is the complete and authoritative tribute to that legend.