Photo of the Day: Bat Tank

We found this fun picture over at  It seem’s the Batman craze of the 1960’s made it all the way over to tankers in Vietnam.

bat tank

From the Vault: 1952 Patton 48 tank demonstration

Here is a video from 1952 showing off the brand new American M48 tank.  This video recently surfaced on youtube and it should be a treat for those with an interest in early postwar US tanks.  Much of the footage is from the Chrysler Delaware plant which was built specifically for the production of the M48.  Construction of the Delaware plant took place in 1951 during the Korean war.  By 1956 Chrysler started a five year phase out of tank production at this facility, converting it to automobile manufacture.  Along with the M48, the T-43 heavy tank (later designated M103) was also built at the Delaware facility.  There is one noticeable error in the video.  At 5:42 in the video the narrator says “Both the engine and the Patton’s range finder are manufactured in other Chrysler Corporation plants.”  The engine for the M48 was built by Continental Motors, a separate company from Chrysler Corporation.