Cambrai Tank Chats Special: The Mark IV Tank

A special episode of the Tank Museum’s Tank Chats series focusing on the Mark IV used at the battl eof Cambrai 100 years ago.

Video: Inside A British Mark IV WW1 Tank

The Great War youtube channel presents this video made in conjunction with the Tank Museum at Bovington on the British Mark IV World War I tank.  Museum curator David Willey provides a good description of these vehicles and how they were used.

Video: Tank 100 on Trafalgar Square

From the Tank Museum at Bovington comes this video showing their replica Mark IV tank on display at Trafalgar Square.

Video: Replica tank on display in London

One hundred years ago, the very first tank, the Mark I, hit the battlefield. A feat of British engineering brilliance, the Mark I helped change the face of warfare as we know it. Wargaming celebrated this centenary with a host of online and offline festivities, including a unique event in the heart of London, organized in partnership with The Tank Museum, Bovington. On September 15, 2016, a replica Mk. IV was brought to London’s Trafalgar Square to mark the occasion.

WoT: Virtually Inside the First Tanks

World of Tanks has created a “VR experience” video in tribute to the 100th anniversary of the first tanks used in combat in Sept of 1916. Featuring Nicholas “The Chieftain” Moran and Richard “The Challenger” Cutland, this video shows the interior of the surviving Mark IV tank housed at the Bovington Tank Museum.  Be sure to click over the mouse and move the camera around as you watch the video.

Tank Chats #20 Mark IV

David Fletcher of the Bovington Tank Museum returns for another episode of “Tank Chats.”  This episode looks at the World War I era British Mark IV tank.

Australian War Memorial Videos

Here are some tank related videos from the Australian War Memorial Youtube channel.

Film Collection Online: Tracks on Sprockets

Anatomy of the Mark IV

British Mark IV Tank in action – F03728 (silent)

Film Collection Online: DPR Highlights – Australian Army

Mephisto – rarest tank in the world