MRAP vehicles in the News

MRAPSeveral short articles have appeared recently regarding Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicles. Earlier this month, the United States announced that it was donating 250 MRAP vehicles to the Iraqi government to help it fight against the Islamic State group.  This military aid package also includes six M1 Abrams tanks and 50 armored Humvees.  IHS Jane’s is reporting that the US is also donating more than 300 MRAP vehicles to Uzbekistan.  This is believed to be the largest single arms transfer from the US to a Central Asian Republic.  In other news, the Czech Ministry of Defense has announced that they are looking to purchase 62 MRAP vehicles.  Tactical Report is reporting that Kuwaiti Defense Ministry is going ahead with plans to supply the Mechanize Division of the Kuwaiti Land Forces with a new MRAP vehicle.   They also report that the UAE is helping Libya aquire MRAP vehicles for the Libyan army.  Meanwhile, the use of MRAP vehicles by domestic police departments in the US continues to generate controversy.