From the Vault: Christie Motor Carriage

Today we present an article on “Christie Motor Carriages” from the March – April 1922 issue of Amy Ordnance magazine.  Written by H. E. Pengilly, the article looks at some of the early designs created by famous tank designer Walter J. Christie.  Christie is most well known for being the first designer to create armored vehicles with independently sprung suspensions, giving them very high mobility for their era.  Christie was also fixated with convertible tracks, vehicles that could operate both with and without tracks.  The motor carriages in this article are examples of some of his early “convertible” designs.

From the Vault: Ordnance article on Mark VIII tank

tank picToday we present an article from The 1920 July-August issue of Ordnance magazine on the “Manufacture of Mark VIII tanks at the Rock Island Arsenal” by Harry B. Jordan.  The article describes the construction of these vehicles, one of the very first tanks assembled in the United States.  For those interested in the technical details of these early tanks, this article should prove illuminating.  There is also a somewhat amusing photo in the article of a Mark VIII that flipped upside down during a loading accident.