Book Alert: Tanks in Hell: A Marine Corps Tank Company on Tarawa

tanks in tarawaAmazon is listing a release date of May 19, 2015 for the upcoming book Tanks in Hell: A Marine Corps Tank Company on Tarawa by Oscar E, Gilbert and Romain V Cansiere.  Published by Casemate, this is a hardcover book with 256 pages.

Publishers Description: In May 1943 a self-described “really young, green, ignorant lieutenant” assumed command of a new Marine Corps company. His even younger enlisted Marines were learning to use an untested weapon, the M4A2 “Sherman” medium tank. [Read more…]

Book Alert: Marine Corps Tank Battles in the Middle East

marine corps tank battleCasemate Publishing has posted information on Amazon about an upcoming book titled “Marine Corps Tank Battles in the Middle East” by Oscar E, Gilbert. Slated for a February 19 release, this book examines US Marine Corps tank actions in the two wars in Iraq.  Gilbert has written extensively about Marine Corps armor, including books on Marine Corps tank battles in the Pacific, Korea and Vietnam.

Publishers description: [Read more…]