Video: WWII Panther Footage

For those that like watching old black and white footage of German tanks, the Panzer Picture youtube channel has posted Part 4 of their series of Panther tank videos.  This is pretty much raw footage, no narration.




From the Vault: Panther Videos

Today we present for your viewing pleasure various videos about the German Pz. V Panther.

We will start with this Youtube playlist of clips of Panther restoration.  For those interested in seeing various components of the Panther up close, these should prove satisfying.  There are 20 clips in the playlist, click here to view.

Next is a playlist of five clips of Panther tanks moving around.  These are nice in that they give the viewer an idea of what this vehicle actually sounded like.

Below is a clip called “Panther Graveyard” showing damaged and destroyed Panther tanks filmed at the end of the war.


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