Armor for the Ages launches updated website

armor for the agesThe folks at Armor for the Ages have launched a new version of their website.  Armor for the Ages (AFTA) mission is to provide information on the General George Patton Museum of Leadership at Fort Knox, Kentucky and the National Armor & Cavalry Museum (NACM) at Fort Benning, Georgia and the volunteer programs that serve both institutions along with news on projects, events and exhibits.  Information about the volunteer programs can be found in the volunteer section of the AFTA site.  AFTA also offers information on the vehicles and weapons that have been or are currently in these museums’ collections. Currently the AFTA site contains profiles for the Panther G, T28 GMC, StuG IIIG, JagdTiger and Sturmpanzer as well as vehicle restoration projects Cobra King, SdKfz 251D/9 and the Patton Command Van.  The AFTA site also includes descriptions of the different iterations of the Patton Museum at Fort Knox.  Over the past 15 years there have been a number of changes concerning the location and public accessibility of historic armored vehicles in the US.  The AFTA website is a valuable resource for people wanting to learn more about the changes affecting these vehicle collections at the Fort Knox and Fort Benning locations.