Last remaining Saint-Chamond to be restored to running condition

IMG_03910_c9b3e969f5af8fe857ea7ef65c273bd4The French armor museum at Saumur (Musee des Blindes Saumur) is in the process of restoring their First World War era Saint-Chamond tank to running condition.  This vehicle is the last remaining example of a Saint-Chamond in existence.  Originally, this particular vehicle had been donated by the French government to the USA who stored it (set it outside in a field) for years at Aberdeen Proving Grounds.  In the mid 80’s, the USA gave the Saint-Chamond and the sole surviving Schneider tank (also stored at Aberdeen) back to the French where they joined the collection at Saumur.  The Schneider tank has since been restored to running condition while the Saint-Chamond went through a cosmetic restoration.  The Musee des Blindes Saumur is currently in the process of restoring the Saint-Chamond to running condition in preparation for the centennial of the first use of French armor on the battlefield in 1917.  According to the website for the Musee des Blindes Saumer, the engines of the Saint-Chamond are being restored by a company near Roanne called APRESS.  Those interested in supporting the restoration with a financial donation may do so here.

Saint-Chamond tank at Aberdeen Proving Grounds in early 1980’s:


Saint-Chamond Tank