Photo of the Day 2/27/2016


This photo comes from the recently updated page on M4 and M4A1 75mm Shermans produced by Pressed Steel Car Co., Inc on the Sherman Minutia website.  The photo above was taken at the Desert Training Center in California around mid 1943, and documents a king pin failure on a transport trailer.

“Surviving Panzers” website hits ten year mark

The website Surviving Panzers is celebrating ten years of being online.  For those that may not be familiar with it, the Surviving Panzers site is a great resource for information about existing historic AFVs on display around the world.  The site is organized by country and the information is stored in numerous downloadable PDF documents consisting of photos and text.  While the name of the site may imply that the focus is on German tanks, the site covers tanks of all nations as well as other types of armored vehicles.

According to site creator Pierre-Olivier:

When I started to set up this website, I often saw on websites or forums some lists of rare surviving tanks with their location. Sometimes, photos were very difficult to find, and I could not see how the vehicles looked like. That’s why I decided to collect information and photos of remaining rare WW2 tanks and I  published these documents. My aim is not to provide technical details (there are enough sites which do  that better than me..),  but only an up-to-date  list of tanks. Later the website was extended and now one  can find lists of WW1 and post-WW2 vehicles.

This is not only my work. As you can see, many people participate by taking photos and publishing them on their websites, or sending me some, by providing / forwarding recent information, etc.. Thanks  to them. My only task is to gather all this and do my best to share information, because  “information not shared is lost”.

Fans of the M4 Sherman are encouraged to check out Pierre-Olivier’s other creation, the Sherman Minutia Website.  This is a great online resource for those looking for detailed information on the many variations of the M4 family of tanks.