From the Editor: Unusual Soviet target vehicles

In our earlier post today on Soviet auto-loaders, we posted a youtube clip about the T-72 tank. This clip includes a good deal of footage that appears to be of early model T-72 tanks being put through tests or exercises.  In a couple instances, they show a T-72 firing at a target tank.  The scenes are quite brief, but it is still possible to identify the model of the target tank.  The vehicles used were rather surprising.

The first takes place at the 7:03 mark in the video and appears to show an Israeli M51 “Isherman” as the target vehicle.

Sherman target

The next scene showing a target tank takes place at the 9:17 mark in the video.  This shows a cannon fired missile being launched at what looks like a German Panzer III.

Panzer III target

Considering the price that WW2 German armor commands from collectors these days, it’s somewhat painful to see one used for target practice!