From the Vault: Spearhead in the West 1941-1945

Spearhead in the westLately we have noticed a number of older public domain publications being listed for sale as Kindle books on Amazon.  We would suggest that before people spend money on these items, do a quick Google search.  In many cases, you can find a free PDF of the same document.  One example of this is Spearhead in the West 1941-1945.  This book, written in 1945, documents the history of the US 3rd Armored Division during the Second World War.  The book can be downloaded as a PDF file here.  If you don’t mind spending six bucks for the kindle version, you can do so here.  For those that prefer a physical hard copy, it appears that this this book was reprinted in 1980, new copies of this reprint are going for around $35 on Amazon currently.