Unique T-34 recovered from Russian River

1139971According to TASS, a WWII era Soviet T-34 produced by the Stalingrad Tractor Factory has been recovered from the Don River near the village of Ukrainskaya Builovka in the Voronezh Region of Russia.  This is believed to be the only surviving T-34 in existence built at the Stalingrad Factory, all other T-34 tanks built at Stalingrad are believed to have been destroyed during the war.  The tank was successfully retrieved by a BREM-1 repair and evacuation vehicle based on a T-72 tank from the 7-meter depth.  The tank is said to be in very good condition all things considered and restoring it to running condition is a possibility.  The most likely theory as to how it ended up in the river is that it sunk when crossing the river on a pontoon bridge which collapsed.  Full article here.