Video: Interview with Stefan Karlsson, Swedish Tanks

Here is a short video of World of Tanks researcher Nick Moran interviewing Stefan Karlsson on the topic of Swedish tank history.

Video: WoT on Swedish Tanks

Here is a video from World of Tanks North American on the history of Swedish tanks.

Video Description (from youtube):

Swedish tanks were built with Scandinavian precision. They were expensive, high-quality, and produced in limited quantities. It may seem strange that a country that never fought in the 20th century managed to create their own tank building legacy. That is why we’re shining a spotlight on the story of how the most famous Swedish vehicles, from Landsverk to Strv 103, were created.

Swedish Tank Archives blog

173For those interested in Swedish tank development, we recommend taking a look at the Swedish Tank Archives blog.  This blog started back in November of 2013 and the author has managed to post a number of interesting archival documents since then.  The blog is in English although many of the archival documents are in Swedish or other languages.  They have recently published an archival document of a British evaluation of the Swedish S-tank from 1968.  Of particular interest will be pages 6 and 7 of the report which contain the conclusions and recommendations.  Full report here.

People may also enjoy this youtube clip of the S-tank undergoing live fire trials.  English subtitles provided by Swedish Tank Archives.