More Armored Oddities of Syria/Iraq

Back in mid-January we presented a photo gallery of some of the armored oddities from Syria and Iraq that have shown up around the web.  Here is an update to that earlier post.

First, lets start with armored pickup trucks.


Next we have a variety of armored trucks, gun trucks and other wheeled vehicles.


Here are some construction vehicles converted to armored vehicles.


Our final gallery consists of various armored personal carriers modified with extra armor and/or cannons.  The 23mm ZU-23 seems to be a particular favorite for mounting on these vehicles.


Credit to LooSeR over at SH forum for digging up most of these.

Video: TOW missle vs T-90

The Washington Post has shared a video of their site which claims to show a TOW missle being launched at a Russian built T-90 MBT.  In the video, which was posted to YouTube Friday, Syrian rebels appear to have filmed themselves firing for the first time a U.S.-made TOW anti-tank missile at a Russian T-90 tank.  According to the video’s caption, the TOW strike occurred in the Syrian town of Sheikh Aqil, a suburb just northwest of Aleppo.

The Washington Post article notes that:

In November 2015, the tanks appeared well to the east of Latakia, near Aleppo. Around the same time, a report from Al-Masdar Al-‘Arabi news indicated that a small detachment of T-90s was given to a Syrian Army mechanized unit to help with current offensive operations in the region. In recent weeks, the advanced battle tanks were filmed during a CNN segment on the outskirts of Raqqa.

In the video, the missile appears to strike the turret of the tank. As mentioned on other blogs, the T-90 appears to be equipped with a Shtora–a device designed to disrupt incoming wired-guided and infrared guided missiles, much like the TOW. In this case, it appears the system failed or wasn’t active. Though the video shows the tank’s crew member bailing out, it looks like the strike did not penetrate the turret and potentially glanced off. T-90 tanks are covered in what is called “reactive armor.” The armor serves an outer shell to the tank’s hull that, when struck, counter-detonates to disrupt the flight of the incoming enemy missile. Reactive armor can be mounted on various other tanks and is not unique to the T-90. However, the T-90’s reactive armor is likely a more advanced version of the types found on older Russian and Syrian tanks.

Full article here.

Photo of the Day 2/15/2016


Kurdish female fighters commandeer a tank during a battle for an air base in north Syria

Armored Oddities of Syria/Iraq

The ongoing conflicts in Syria and Iraq have produced a number of unusual armored vehicles.  These range from manufactured armor upgrades for main battle tanks to one of a kind homemade armored bulldozers.  We scoured a few internet forums and gathered up some of the more interesting photos into the gallery below.  Most of these photos came from here and here.


This first gallery is of tanks and AFVs with different types of add-on armor attached.  Some of these are the result of actual government programs, some are obviously “in the field” expedients.


This next gallery of is of oddball vehicles converted into AFVs.

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