Video: RedCarUSSR on T-55

This video about the Soviet T-55 showed up recently on youtube.  The video is part of a new channel by “RedCarUSSR.”  A tour of the exterior and interior of the vehicle is provided, accompanied by an English translation of the Russian language audio. The translation is a little rough but still understandable.

This channel also has videos on the T-62…

..and the Self-propelled gun Object 268

Video: Soviet Army T-62 (two parts)

The youtube channel “yolkhere” recently posted these two videos of Soviet Army T-62 tanks.  These videos are montages of old footage from the era when the T-62 was a front-line tank in Soviet service. The background music is not much to our taste but the footage is fun to watch.


Beasts of Kabul: Inside the Afghan Army’s Soviet Tanks

This video was brought to our attention over at  Although it’s a year old, we thought it was still worth posting.  The piece contains some nice footage showing the interior of the T-62 tank, giving the viewer an idea of how much (or how little) space there is inside the vehicle.