T-72B3 tanks in Ukraine

The blog “War is Boring” has released a new article about the Russian built T-72B3 tanks being used in the conflict in Ukraine.


In any war, certain weapons come symbolize one side in the fighting, specific tactics or political factors. In that spirit, a specific tank has become the icon of Russia’s secret war in Ukraine.

On June 3, 2016, Ukrainian blogger “sled_vzayt” posted a batch of evidence showing advanced T-72B3 tanks  —  as well as other armored vehicles and heavy weapons  —  and their Russian crews in eastern Ukraine’s Donbass region and right across the border in Russia.


While the post uses numerous photographs to identify specific tanks, the vehicles themselves offer some of the clearest proof that the Kremlin’s troops are actively supporting rebel forces in Ukraine.

“In the Ukraine conflict, many have scoured the military equipment sightings on social media to find evidence of Russian involvement,” Veli-Pekka Kivimäki, a Finnish doctoral student and open-source intelligence expert, wrote in a piece for the investigative Website Bellingcat on May 28, 2016.

“The modernized T-72B3 main battle tank has been an example of military equipment that is out of place in a conflict where Russian government actively denies military involvement.”

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Russia wins Tank Biathlon

The Russian hosted “Tank Biathlon” concluded this past week and perhaps not unsurprisingly, the Russian team took first place.  NBC News is reporting that Russia won in all 13 categories to remain undisputed champions in the two-week competition.. The host has also won every single challenge since the event’s inception in 2013. Seventeen countries participated this year, including China, India, Venezuela, Angola and Nicaragua.  No Western nation participated and the tanks used in the competition were exclusively T-72B3 tanks with the single exception of China who brought their own Type 96A tank.

Below is a video from RT showing the final relay race event at the Alabino military training grounds.

Nicaragua to buy T-72?

4060858ICR News is reporting that Nicaragua is seriously considering the purchase of T-72B3 tanks following its participation in the Russian hosted “World Tank Biathlon.”  According to the article, Nicaraguan ambassador to Russia said that “We hope that soon our army will receive the T-72. I think we can discuss a purchase.”  Ties between Russia and Nicaragua have been growing, including a visit to Nicaraqua by Russian President Putin last year.  Currently, the heaviest AFV used by the Nicaraguan armed forces is the T-54/55, originally acquired via Bulgaria & Libya.

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