Book Alert: The Armor Journal #5

Armor Journal 5The fine folks over at The Armor Journal have released their fifth issue.  This new issue is available now for download or as a print copy starting on June 5.  The good news is that print editions are now only $9.95 plus shipping or $8.50 plus shipping if pre-ordered now.  Issue 5 contains a variety of articles covering AFV history, both early and modern, as well as some pieces aimed at the model building community, book reviews, letters to the Editor and readers submissions.

Those interested in early AFV history will enjoy the article on the pre-WWII Vickers Six Ton Tank by Peter Brown as well as the Yuri Pasholok article on British Infantry tanks in Soviet service during WWII.  Those interested in more recent history will enjoy the article by Mason Pacek on the Battle for Baghdad.  For those into model building, Chris Medding’s opinion piece “Rivet Counters” and Don Haney’s  description of his model of the US Abrams tank “All Bout Da Bones” will be good reading.

If you would like to read this issue and support the fine work being done by Alex at The Armor Journal, please purchase a copy at their website here.

Walkaround Galleries from The Armor Journal

The website for the TAJ (The Armor Journal) magazine has added three new tank “walkaround” picture galleries since the last time we posted about them.  These galleries feature the MK IV “Female” tank at Fort Benning GA as well as the M1 Abrams and the M1917 Light Tank at the First Division Museum at Cantigny, Weaton, IL.  Click on the pictures below to go to the photo gallery page.




New “Walkarounds” from TAJ

TAJ (The Armor Journal) has posted a few new photo galleries in their “Walkarounds” section.  These include the the T28 Super Heavy Tank at Ft. Benning, the T-55AM at Kubinka Tank Museum and the T-35 at Kubinka.  Also they recently updated the gallery for the  Kubinka located Panther Ausf.G.

Click on the photos below to go to the gallery at the TAJ website.

The Armor Journal “Walkarounds”

For those who are looking for reference photos of various tanks and armored vehicles on display, we recommend the “Walkarounds” section of the website for The Armor Journal (TAJ) Magazine.  This online gallery includes pictures of 16 different tanks, 13 different self propelled guns as well as some towed artillery and some miscellaneous vehicles.  Included in the gallery are some rather rare vehicles such as the IS-7, Object 279 and the Mark VIII Liberty.  If you enjoy the gallery, be sure to check out the first three issues of TAJ which feature a variety of articles and photos of modern and historic armor.

Click the image below to go to the gallery.

Walkaround tanks

Issue #2 of The Armor Journal released

armor journal 2Issue #2 of The Armor Journal has been released this week.  Subtitled “the ultimate guide to rivet-counting”, this issue of the Armor Journal features articles on the 40/43M Zrinyi at Kubinka, the Soviet View of the King Tiger, Chinese Amphibious AFVs, and the Panzerfahre ferry vehicle.  Also featured in this issue is an article on the Chieftain MBT written by noted author Rob Griffin!  The magazine is available in either print or PDF version and can be purchased at The Armor Journal website.