The T124E2 anti-tank gun

IMG_20130225_133806While this website is dedicated to tanks and AFVs, we will occasionally look at anti-tank weapons as well.  Recently, the TFB ( posted an article written by friend of Tank and AFV News Nathaniel F about the US T124E2 anti-tank gun.  This gun has an interesting history, being one of the last towed anti-tank guns issued by the US Army.  It was issued in the early 1950’s but under a 100 were built before the army decided to stop production and focus on recoil-less rifles instead.  The T124E3 was a 76mm weapon, based on the 76mm gun used in the M41 Walker Bulldog tank.  It was intended to be a very light weight weapon, suitable for use by airborne forces.  On paper is appears to be a much better weapon than the heavy and cumbersome towed 3 inch gun issued to US tank destroyer units in WW2.  Despite its very limited production run, quite a few of these guns survive to this day as monuments in front of veterans halls and public parks.  Read the TFV article here.  We have included a small gallery of pictures of a T124E3 gun on display outside the VFW post in Muskegon MI on Getty Street taken a couple years ago by the editor.

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