The Sherman

sherman tank siteInternet poster “Jeeps_Guns_Tanks” has launched a new website dedicated to the M4 Sherman Tank called  There is quite a bit of content at this site for those wanting to read about the history of the Sherman tank.  The site author is a true fan of the M4 Sherman.

From the site:

Welcome to the Sherman Tank Web Page. we are new, live since November 21st 2015.

The site started out as a thread on the Sturgeon’s House, and it grew into something so huge, I felt it needed its own page. Check the introduction to get started or just jump around the sidebar index.

Please feel free to comment. Also feel free to let me know about any cool Sherman info you may have or mistakes I made. There is a thread about this over on the Sturgeon’s House forums. You can contact me there or through this page at

I plan on updating this site for as long as I can find out info on Sherman tanks.

Thanks for stopping by!