Book Alert: Challenger 2 vs Toyota Yaris

*Warning, satire ahead*

Here at Tank and AFV News, we are proud to announce that we have agreed to author the next installment in the Osprey books “Duel” series.  Based on five minutes of reading google news articles years of intensive research and archive digging, this volume will examine the 2015 conflict between German teenage auto drivers and the British Army.

Publishers description:

The Battle of the German roadway of 2015 involved the first small-scale tank-against-Toyota hatchback battle in history. The clash at Augustdorf involved at least one vehicle on each side, resulting in a total victory for British tank forces.  This book examines two of the premier opposing vehicles of the conflict, the British Challenger 2 MBT and the Toyota Yaris hatchback. With a complete history of the design, development, and deployment of these vehicles, the story of these great battles is brought to life in a highly illustrated format.

Duel 108 Challenger 2 vs Toyota Yaris final