New Turkish Kaplan-20 IFV unveiled

At the recent IDEF conference in Istanbul Turkey, FNSS reveled their new Kaplan-20 IFV. According to Jane’s Defense, the 20 ton vehicle is a working prototype and trials are planned to begin later in 2015. Although not created for a current Turkish military requirement, Turkey is expected to be in the market for a new IFV in the near future. According to Jane’s, The Kaplan-20 is available with two turret options, with both a two-person and an unmanned version of the FNSS Teber turret being offered. Either can be fitted with a 30-40 mm automatic cannon, with the IDEF display vehicle being equipped with an unmanned turret armed with a an ATK Bushmaster Mk 44 30 mm dual-feed cannon. Both turret configurations are armed with a 7.62 mm coaxial chain gun. Kaplan means “tiger” in Turkish.