Turkish civilians stopped tanks with clothing

An article from the Turkish Daily Sabah is calming that Turkish civilians protesting the attempted coup attempt were able to stop Turkish army tanks by stuffing their clothes into the exhaust outlets of the vehicles.  From the article:

496A chef at a restaurant in Istanbul, Danyal Şimşek, and the restaurant owner, Mehmet Şükrü Kintaş, told Anadolu Agency in Istanbul Thursday that they stopped almost 10 tanks this way.

The duo firstly set up a barricade with their cars to halt the tanks, and then stuffed the exhausts with their clothes.

Civilians brought many soldiers who were in the tanks to the police, as the soldiers had to leave after the exhaust gases filled the interior.

Kintaş added that the pro-coup soldiers had been headed to the airport.

“How can we stop this tank?” he said he asked the chef. A nearby mechanic then told them, “If you fill these exhausts, the tanks will stop.”

Kintaş continued, “We took our clothes off. Everyone gave us their clothes and t-shirts. We plugged the exhausts with them and covered the top of the filters. So the tanks had to stop in two or three minutes.”

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