Video: Type 97 Shinhoto Chi-Ha

We recently came across this short video from 2014 of a running Japanese Type 97 Shinhoto Chi-Ha medium tank.   Very little detail is given about this vehicle, which is most likely the only running example of this tank model in existence.  Shinhoto Chi-Ha tanks are relatively rare in any condition, let alone in running condition.  This footage comes from the “Engines of War” exhibition in Russia.   For a full list of existing Japanese WW2 medium tanks, click here.

British Intel on Japanese Tanks

QO0lr4VOver at Overlord’s Blog, researcher David Lister has made a post detailing files he found in a UK Archive concerning Japanese WWII tanks, specifically the Type 97.  The files include information gathered from Japanese POWs, including descriptions and drawings.  Some of the information provided by the captured Japanese soldiers is downright unusual, including claims that “all tanks had radio’s, air conditioning and twin 47mm guns, with one mounted in the standard turret and another in the hull. He also claimed that they could fit 30 ammunition boxes in the tank, each box being 2 feet long, 1 foot tall and 1.5 feet wide.”  The entire post can be read here.