UK renames the Scout SV the “Ajax”

1642831_-_mainJane’s is reporting that the United Kingdom has renamed its Scout SV tracked reconnaissaince vehicle as Ajax at the recent Defense and Security Equipment International (DSEI) exhibition.  The Ajax name will apply to the entire family of vehicles, of which the UK has ordered 589.  These vehicles will be produced by General Dynamics UK in a manufacturing contract worth 5.4 billion dollars.  Of these vehicles, 245 will be the version armed with the CTA International 40mm Case Telescoped Armament System in a turret produced by Lockheed Martin UK.  Names have also been assigned to the other variants.  They include a reconnaissance support vehicle named Ares (93 ordered), a command and control vehicle named Athena (112), an equipment repair vehicle known as Apollo (50), equipment recovery variant called Atlas (38) and an engineering reconnaissance vehicle named Argus (51).  Three Ajax prototypes are scheduled to be delivered in 2016.