New issue of ARMOR released

armor journalThe October-December 2014 issue of ARMOR was posted online on March 20th.  ARMOR is the official magazine of the US Armor Branch and has been published in one form or another for 125 years.  As the Armor Branch’s professional-development bulletin, ARMOR issues will vary in terms of how much they will be of interest to the average person interested in tanks and armored vehicles.  Fortunately, there is a search feature on the eArmor page and select back issues are available for download.  Of particular interest is a series of articles from past issues collected as eArmor Heritage Historical Series.  It is worth noting that this list includes an article by  Richard Ogorkiewicz titled “The Ten Ages of Tank” from the May-June 1952 issue.  Considering that Ogorkiewicz just recently had a book on tanks published by Osprey, it’s fair to say he much hold the record for longest writing career on the topic!

The newest issue of ARMOR may be downloaded here.  Back issues are available here.