Weald Foundation Videos

For those that really enjoy seeing the nuts and bolts of tank restoration, check out the Youtube page of the Weald Foundation.  These are pretty no frills video, there is no narration, but there is plenty of footage of tank restoration in action.   There are also a few clips of their restored WW2 German armor running.  These include a JagdPanther and a Stug III.

The Weald Foundation

Additions--(4)For those interested in the restoration of historical AFVs, be sure to check out the website for the Weald Foundation. Located at the Weald of Kent UK, the Weald Foundation started out as the SdKfz Military Vehicle Foundation, restoring a collection of German WW2 reconnaissance vehicles.  They have since expanded their efforts to include some First World War vehicles as well as any other “interesting vehicles missing from the National Collection and those which would be considered unique or rare elsewhere in the world.”  The Weald Foundation offers a number of volunteer and training programs centered around the restoration of historic vehicles.  They maintain an online magazine called “Inside Track” which is available to members.  A sample of articles can be read here.  A gallery of their vehicle collection can be viewed here.  Some of the most notable vehicles in the collection include a JagdPanther, a Stug III, a Renault FT and Panzerspahwagen 232.