Swedish attention seeker buys Soviet “Tank”

SwedeThe Local SE (Sweden’s news in English) has a story about a Swedish man who purchased a “tank” to drive around his farm.  As with most media stories, the vehicle in question is not a tank but actually a 1960’s era Soviet MT-LB multi-purpose light armored towing vehicle.  The owner of the vehicle, Jesper Lysell, stated that “So far we’ve just been driving over trees around the farm at my father’s place, and driving around on the fields. It’s quite dangerous because it’s open at the back, so if we have people in it, it can be quite dangerous when the trees fall down.”   The article notes that Jerker Lysell, who took the silver medal at last year’s European Orienteering Championships is notorious for his crazy exploits outside of competitions: he was arrested in Italy last year after attempting to run naked around the local mountains.

Private ownership of tracked military vehicles is not unheard of, or even particularly unusual.
For example, last year Arnold Schwarzenegger made the news for purchasing his own M-47 Patton tank.  For those interested in purchasing a military vehicle of their own, there are several websites that provide listings of available vehicles.  But a word of caution, collecting military vehicles is not a poor man’s hobby!

Here are a few examples of website that list vehicles for sale.

Military Vehicles for Sale – Vehicles for sale in the US, searchable by state.

Exarmyvehicles.com – Mostly former Soviet stuff, including tanks.

Government Liquidation – US military trucks and other wheeled vehicles.

Military Vehicle Web.com – a variety of vintage military equipment.

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