WoT’s Chieftain posts new article: Grenadiers Tank Destroyers

chieftains hatchAt the North American forum for the World of Tanks video game, there is a section called “The Chieftain’s Hatch.”  This is the domain of Nicholas Moran, aka “The Chieftain”, military specialist and North American researcher for World of Tanks.  In the Chieftain’s Hatch section of the forum he regularly posts articles and videos.  The videos generally consist of the Chieftain narrating as he examines a museum tank.  The articles are based on documents he finds in his research digging through the Nation Archives.  It’s fair to say that his videos and articles are some of the best online material out there concerning historical tanks and armored vehicles.  We will be posting links to the Chieftain’s Hatch regularly.

The Chieftain’s newest article concerns a proposal to the Tank Destroyer board during WW2: 

“The Tank Destroyer Board archives contain a proposal, dated April of 1942, for a light tank destroyer battalion, known as Grenadiers. Obviously this battalion never made it to fielding, but as a little-known example of thinking near the beginning of TD branch’s existence, this should prove of some interest.

The following memorandum was addressed to the President, Tank Destroyer Board, Temple, TX. My first observation is that unlike LT Bate, LTC Negrotto, IN, the author of the following, didn’t go straight to the General Officer Commanding. In fact, he went only one pay grade up. The other is that his proposal, though perhaps a little out of the box to us now, is by no means as far-fetched as the under-water M18.”

To read the complete article, click here to go to the Chieftain’s Hatch.

To watch the Chieftain’s “Inside the Chieftain’s Hatch” series of videos, go to his youtube channel.  We highly recommend it.

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