Serbia to sell 282 tanks, 220 APC’s

T-55H_Partner_2007In News (by inSerbia Netword Foundation) is reporting that the Serbian Ministry of Defense has announced that it will begin the sale of 282 T-55 tanks. Also available are 220 armored personnel carriers M-60, M-80, BTR-50 and BTR-60 and antitank weapons POLO, as well as 200 howitzers of 105 and 155 millimeters.  Various stocks of small arms, anti-aircraft guns, rocket launchers, and three SNAR-10 radars will also be for sale.  It should be noted that most of this equipment is from the Cold War and relatively obsolete by European standards. The notice published on January 27 on the website of the Ministry states that the invitation to participate in the public bidding for the purchase of above mentioned weapons will be sent to legal entities that are legally entitled to buy this kind military equipment.  It is unclear from the article exactly which model of T-55 is being sold.  Serbia operates an upgraded version of the vehicle called the T-55H which includes an improved powerpack, ERA protection and enhanced fire control systems.

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