Serbia sells 282 T-55 tanks to Pakistan?

T-55H_Partner_2007An article on In News is reporting that Serbia has reportedly agreed to modernize and sell 282 obsolete T-55 tanks to Pakistan.  According to the article, the contract is worth tens of millions of dollars and that the proceeds from the sale will be used by Serbia to purchase new weapons.  The Chief of the Defense Technology in the Ministry of Defence, Major General Bojan Zrnic indirectly confirmed the sale, saying “It is true that there was an agreement in principle for the sale of 282 tanks from the arsenal of retired and obsolete military equipment, but I do not want to talk about with which country and the army this deal was made. It would not be appropriate because the contract has not been signed. What can I say is that the offer is extremely favorable for the Army of Serbia as the tanks will not be sold in its current state, they will be modernized first. This task will be entrusted to our defense industry.”  No details are given in the article as to what sort of modifications the Serbians will be making on these vehicles in order to modernize them.  It is probably safe to assume the modernization will be similar to their T-55H variant.

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Serbia to sell 282 tanks, 220 APC’s

T-55H_Partner_2007In News (by inSerbia Netword Foundation) is reporting that the Serbian Ministry of Defense has announced that it will begin the sale of 282 T-55 tanks. Also available are 220 armored personnel carriers M-60, M-80, BTR-50 and BTR-60 and antitank weapons POLO, as well as 200 howitzers of 105 and 155 millimeters.  Various stocks of small arms, anti-aircraft guns, rocket launchers, and three SNAR-10 radars will also be for sale.  It should be noted that most of this equipment is from the Cold War and relatively obsolete by European standards. The notice published on January 27 on the website of the Ministry states that the invitation to participate in the public bidding for the purchase of above mentioned weapons will be sent to legal entities that are legally entitled to buy this kind military equipment.  It is unclear from the article exactly which model of T-55 is being sold.  Serbia operates an upgraded version of the vehicle called the T-55H which includes an improved powerpack, ERA protection and enhanced fire control systems.