From the Editor: More Aberdeen Pictures

Semovente 47/32

Semovente 47/32

Here are the rest of my old photos from Aberdeen Proving Grounds circa 1981.  These were previously posted on my old blog.  These vehicles are no longer located at APG.  These were taken by my father with a cheap 110 film camera when he was stuck in Aberdeen for several weeks due to his job.  The quality of the pictures is not great, but they do show the state of these vehicles in this time period.  If you look carefully, you can see on both the Tiger tank and the Panther tank how the side of the turret has been covered over with sheet metal.  The turrets on both of these vehicles had been cut away so museum visitors could see inside them back in the 1950’s


  1. Chris Burr says:

    I remember a cut away PzIII (or maybe IV) the first time I went to APG in the mid 70s, but not the Tiger and the Panther. I think the last time I was there was the early 90s. Thanks for sharing your photos.


    • This video from the 1950’s shows the Panther with the side of the turret cut-away.


      • Chris Burr says:

        A fascinating look at what the collection was like in the 50s complete with Col. Jarrett. Just to be clear, I didn’t doubt that the Panther had been cut open, just that I didn’t remember it so either it was closed up by then or my memory if fallible.



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