From the Vault: Latrun Armor Corps Tank Museum pictures

800px-M4-Sherman-tower-latrun-2Tanks have played an important role in the history of the state of Israel.  Fortunately, this history has been preserved in Israel at the Armored Corps Memorial Site and Museum at Latrun (Yad La-Shiryon.)  The Museum was founded in 1982 and includes 110 tanks and armored vehicles displayed outdoors.  The heart of the collection are Israeli vehicles and vehicles captured during Israels various wars, although the museum has also purchased other foreign vehicles in order to diversify the collection.  The most famous sight associated with the location is an M4 Sherman tank on top of what used to be a water tank.  This “Tank on a Tower” serves as the logo for the museum.

For those interested in viewing the vehicles located at Latrnn, there are several galleries and videos available online by people that have visited.

Photo Galleries:

Official Armored Corps Memorial Site and Museum website – This site has pictures and description of the various vehicles although the images are quite small and the site is in Hebrew.

Latrun screen grab

Ernest Zaslavsky Flickr Album – This is an excellent photo album of the Latrun collection.  129 photos total.

Three generations

Alexei Balaganski photo gallery – This gallery contains 29 high quality images of the Latrun collection.


Tom’s Picasa Album – A gallery primarily of the foreign vehicles at Latrun with close up shots of the display plaques.

renault R35 (Medium)

Video Clips:

Latrun Armored Corps Tank Museum

Yad La’Shiryon/Latrun tank museum slideshow

Israeli Armored Corps Memorial, Museum Latrun/Yad La’Shiryon

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