Yad La-Shiryon tanks to be restored

Arutz Sheva 7 is reporting that at least 50 of the vehicles on display at the Yad Lashriyon museum will receive an external restoration.  The vehicles include all four types of Merkava, Sherman tanks, Centurion tanks, M48 Pattons, The Magach and Shot Kal and the Churchill infantry tank.

img754750Israel’s Defense Ministry Property Director, together with the IDF’s ground forces and the Yad Lashiryon Organization, has announced a project to restore a variety of historical displays, including historical tanks which fought in all of Israel’s wars.

158 tanks and other armored vehicles of different makes and periods are displayed near the Latrun Police Department’s Taggart Fort. Taggart Forts were built under the British Mandate in 1940.

The project will include at least fifty tanks and armored vehicles, and will give each one a cleaning, a rust treatment, and a coat of new paint in the tank’s original color.

Some of the tanks which will be restored are: Merkava tanks of all four types, Sherman tanks, Centurion tanks, M48 Patton tanks, the Magach and Shoot Kal tanks, and the Churchill Infantry Tank.

Armored personnel carriers and other armored vehicles, including armored cars, jeeps, self-propelled howitzers, and other historical weapons will also be included in Yad Lashiryon’s attempt to tell the story of generations of Israeli weapons and wars.

The plan’s first stage is scheduled to be completed by early summer 2017.

From the Vault: Latrun Armor Corps Tank Museum pictures

800px-M4-Sherman-tower-latrun-2Tanks have played an important role in the history of the state of Israel.  Fortunately, this history has been preserved in Israel at the Armored Corps Memorial Site and Museum at Latrun (Yad La-Shiryon.)  The Museum was founded in 1982 and includes 110 tanks and armored vehicles displayed outdoors.  The heart of the collection are Israeli vehicles and vehicles captured during Israels various wars, although the museum has also purchased other foreign vehicles in order to diversify the collection.  The most famous sight associated with the location is an M4 Sherman tank on top of what used to be a water tank.  This “Tank on a Tower” serves as the logo for the museum.

For those interested in viewing the vehicles located at Latrnn, there are several galleries and videos available online by people that have visited.

Photo Galleries:

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