From the Vault: Anti-Armor Defense Data Study (A2D2)

bulge34Today we present a very interesting group of documents called the Anti-Armor Defense Data Study (A2D2).  This report was put together in the early 90’s and examines instances from World War II of US anti-tank units fighting against German armored attacks.  There are five separate documents, one of which is a “how to research” guide and the others are labeled Volume I-IV.  Volume I is titled “Technical Report” and primarily deals with methodology, sources and appendices.  Volume II, III and IV are more interesting, for they include the meat of the report.  Each volume examines a particular battle, providing detailed descriptions of the actions that took place.  Volume II looks at the US anti-tank defense in Mortain France in August 1944.  Volume III focuses on US anti-tank operations at Dom Butgenbach, Belgium in December of 44 and volume IV looks at Krinkelt-Rochrath, Belgium in December of 44.

Here is an unusual excerpt from Volume IV, page 149 :

Pather commander uses pfaust

It’s worth noting that one of the authors of this study was Charles Baily, author of the book “Faint Praise: American Tanks and Tank Destroyers During WW2.”  Faint Praise is perhaps the most comprehensive single volume history of the Tank and Tank Destroyer branch during the war.  Unfortunately, it is also hideously expensive, used copies on Amazon start at $180.  Fortunately, his doctoral dissertation on the same topic is available online for free.

Download links (PDF format):

Anti-Armor Defense Data Study (A2D2) ‘How to Research’ Guide

Anti-Armor Defense Data Study (A2D2). Technical Report

Anti-Armor Defense Data Study (A2D2). Volume 2. U.S. Anti-Tank Defense at Mortain, France (August, 1944)

Anti-Armor Defense Data Study (A2D2). Volume 3. U.S. Anti-Tank Defense at Dom Butgenbach, Belgium (December, 1944)

Anti-Armor Defense Data Study (A2D2).  Volume 4. US Anti-Tank Defense at Krinkelt-Rocherath, Belgium (December, 1944)


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