From the Vault: Anti-Armor Defense Data Study (A2D2)

bulge34Today we present a very interesting group of documents called the Anti-Armor Defense Data Study (A2D2).  This report was put together in the early 90’s and examines instances from World War II of US anti-tank units fighting against German armored attacks.  There are five separate documents, one of which is a “how to research” guide and the others are labeled Volume I-IV.  Volume I is titled “Technical Report” and primarily deals with methodology, sources and appendices.  Volume II, III and IV are more interesting, for they include the meat of the report.  Each volume examines a particular battle, providing detailed descriptions of the actions that took place.  Volume II looks at the US anti-tank defense in Mortain France in August 1944.  Volume III focuses on US anti-tank operations at Dom Butgenbach, Belgium in December of 44 and volume IV looks at Krinkelt-Rochrath, Belgium in December of 44.

Here is an unusual excerpt from Volume IV, page 149 :

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