Motor Trend drives a tank

motor trendYet another in the recent rash of articles about reporters driving tanks over cars.  This particular article is from Motor Trend magazine and documents their visit to “Drive a Tank”, a small company in Kasota, Minn.  The article features a video and a rather nice photo gallery of the vehicles available at Drive a Tank.  Vehicles pictured include an Abbott SPG, Chieftain tank, M4A2E8 Sherman tank and at FV-432.

The Motor Trend article can be read here.

The website for “Drive a Tank” can be viewed here.

For those with a spare $2,999 laying around, check out the “Five Star” package at Drive a Tank.  This package includes a chance to drive an Abbott SPG, a FV-432, a Russian T55 and to crush a car with a British Chieftain.  The package also includes firing a number of machine guns, including a MG42 and a .50 Cal HMG.  Or, for a mere $3,599 a person can purchase an opportunity to drive a Sherman tank.



  1. “Of course, tanks have already lost much of their usefulness in war. Today, airpower reigns supreme, and tanks may never again be used in the same volume or manner they once were. But they still can arrive to the battlefield with purpose and incredible destructive power.”

    Motortrend needs to get edcumacated I think.


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