Drive a Tank article

It seems that every few months, some media outlet feels the need to send a reporter to crush a car in a tank.  This time it’s the NY Daily News who features one of their writers crushing a car at  Drive a Tank in Kasota MN.  The article has a few nice photos of the interior and exterior of the M4A2 kept at the Drive a Tank facility. Here is a video of the article author crushing a car.

Motor Trend drives a tank

motor trendYet another in the recent rash of articles about reporters driving tanks over cars.  This particular article is from Motor Trend magazine and documents their visit to “Drive a Tank”, a small company in Kasota, Minn.  The article features a video and a rather nice photo gallery of the vehicles available at Drive a Tank.  Vehicles pictured include an Abbott SPG, Chieftain tank, M4A2E8 Sherman tank and at FV-432.

The Motor Trend article can be read here.

The website for “Drive a Tank” can be viewed here.

For those with a spare $2,999 laying around, check out the “Five Star” package at Drive a Tank.  This package includes a chance to drive an Abbott SPG, a FV-432, a Russian T55 and to crush a car with a British Chieftain.  The package also includes firing a number of machine guns, including a MG42 and a .50 Cal HMG.  Or, for a mere $3,599 a person can purchase an opportunity to drive a Sherman tank.