T-34 from Military Veterans Museum in Oshkosh used in “Ant-Man”

DSC_0526Thenothrwestern.com is reporting that a T-34 medium tank from the Military Veterans Museum in Oshkosh was used in the filming of the new Marvel movie “Ant-Man.” The vehicle, which is in running condition, was transported to Atlanta for filming.  Dave Kersztyn and Shane VanLinn, employees or the museum operated the tank during film production.  The Russian tank is one of the main displays at the museum, and Kersztyn said artifacts and original artwork as well as fake scenery from the scene and photos from “Ant-Man” will now accompany it.  Because the museum is a nonprofit organization, Kersztyn said all of the money they made from the film will go right back into operating expenses of the museum.

Full article here.


  1. Vivek Mohape says:

    Will you please tell me,the name of art seen in antman movie?


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