Article on Lt. Zvika Greengold, Hero of Yom Kippur War

badass-zvikaThe site Armored Warfare has posted an article about the exploits of Israeli Yom Kippur war tank commander Lt. Zvika Greengold.  Greengold was the commander of a Centurion tank in the Golan facing off against Syrian tank forces. In a series of battles over a 24 period, Greengold and his crew engaged and destroyed numerous Syian vehicles while completely outnumbered.  According to the article, it is not known exactly how many tanks Greengold destroyed but the estimates range from 20 to 40. He was awarded with the highest Israeli military award, the Medal of Valor, for his actions. He survived the war and left the military in 1974 with the rank of Captain. He went on to pursue a political career and today at 63 years old he is mayor of the city of Oakum in Israel.

Read the full article here. 


  1. His story is fabricated, not true. Please read this:


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