T-90A tanks reportedly spotted in Ukraine

Ukraine Today is reporting that T-90A tanks have been identified operating near Luhansk in east Ukraine.  If true, this would be evidence of Russian involvement in the fighting in Donbas.  According to the article, Ukrainian activists on August 14-15 published photos of the Russian armor on their facebook page.

Frankly, we are not experts on modern Russian armor so we will leave it to others to correctly identify the exact model of the vehicles in these images.  We are not vouching for the accuracy of this article, however we thought it was news worthy and will let the reader make up their own mind.  Tank and AFV News is an apolitical site.  We do not take any stance in regards to the situation in Ukraine, we are only interested in reporting on news relating directly to tanks and AFVs.  Please be advised that comments of a political nature will not be approved.


  1. Just a passerby, as you might say. says:

    It’s a T-90, certainly. However it’s location is not clear – the sign post image doesn’t appear to come from the same stream of photos. It’s not in the original posting, and both the clouds and tree types are different to those seen in the actual pictures of the tanks.


    • There is a picture with T-90A commanders HMG and Ukrainian road sign in one photo. Also, note that photos in this article show a tank with ID numbers covered with green paint.


      • Just a passerby, as you might say. says:

        The picture with the commander/road sign is from last year and not part of this photo set either.


  2. Those photos are also from 2014.


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