Camp Blanding Museum and Memorial Park, Armor

Here is a photo gallery of the vehicles on display of the armor on display at the Camp Blanding Museum and Memorial Park in Florida by blogger “1meandad.”


Camp Blanding is located about an hour north of Gainesville, FL and is the primary military reservation and training base for the Florida National Guard, both the Florida Army National Guard and certain non-flying activities of the Florida Air National Guard. The based also served as a training center and POW camp during the Second World War.

To celebrate its history, located on site is the Camp Blanding Museum and Memorial Park. Open to the public, the facility contains a history museum in one of Camp Blanding’s restored World War II buildings, tracing the history of both Camp Blanding and the Florida National Guard. Outdoor exhibits and displays include equipment and Army, Navy and Air Force aircraft from World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Cold War and Operation Desert Storm, including captured Soviet-manufactured Iraqi equipment from the latter conflict.

Camp Blanding July 2015-0013

Camp Blanding July 2015-0015Camp Blanding July 2015-0016Camp Blanding July 2015-0061Camp Blanding July 2015-0060Camp Blanding July 2015-0059Camp Blanding July 2015-0056Camp Blanding July 2015-0054Camp Blanding July 2015-0051Camp Blanding July 2015-0048Camp Blanding July 2015-0041Camp Blanding July 2015-0040Camp Blanding July 2015-0038Camp Blanding July 2015-0032Camp Blanding July 2015-0029Camp Blanding July 2015-0027Camp Blanding July 2015-0024Camp Blanding July 2015-0021Camp Blanding July 2015-0018Camp Blanding July 2015-0007Camp Blanding July 2015-0005Camp Blanding July 2015-0003Camp Blanding July 2015-0001Camp Blanding July 2015-0052Camp Blanding July 2015-0042Camp Blanding July 2015-0065 

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