Opposing forces VISMOD vehicles photo gallery


Here is a photo gallery of some AFV’s that have been modified to appear as enemy vehicles for training purposes.  Most of these photos came from a couple foreign language live journal pages (1,2).  We have tried to label the photos as best as possible, although some of them are a bit hard to correctly identify.  We have tried to limit this gallery to VISMOD vehicles created and used for military training, not vehicles modified for use in movies or civilian re-enactments. We hope you enjoy these.

Click “Read More” to see gallery.


  1. I’m not a huge armor geek like a lot of other folks that subscribe to this great blog, but even I know an M-113 when I see one, as in “M551 as Soviet Tank”, third row down, far right.

    As for the Egyptians mocking up a T-tank to look like a Merkava; hey Ahmed; didn’t you guys sign a peace treaty with us (Israel) a while ago? Aren’t we now cooperating openly against all sorts of radical Islamofacists endangering both our countries????


    • Yep, that is no doubt an M113. Sorry for the error. Sometimes banging out these updates before heading to work leads to typos.

      What I thought was most interesting about that Egyptian “Merkava” was the level of detail. It’s quite a bit more convincing than many of the VISMOD vehicles in this gallery, at least what we can see of it.


      • You’re right, the Egyptians went to extraordinary lengths to mock-up a T-Tank (or maybe even an Abrams??????) to look like their new-found ally’s Merkava.

        It makes me sad that they would do this, after all, they get a shit-load of military & economic assistance from the US and they get military & intelligence sharing from Israel, who genuinely wants to be their friend, especially since we (all the world, really) share a new, common and uncommonly savage enemy.


  2. These are all interesting to see – but the Egyptian Merkava is the highlight for me. Thanks for posting!


  3. Christy says:

    I used to live at APG MD n I lived right across the Rd from the museum I don’t see any pics of the flying saucer do u got any pics


  4. Here is a picture of Finnish T-37 (or T-38) as T-34 🙂



  1. […] A couple of years ago, we discussed the Army’s fleet of Visually Modified vehicles that equip the various Opposing Forces at its maneuver training centers. As it turns out, we’re not the only Army to take that approach. Spill just tipped me to this nifty gallery of some other nations VisMods. […]


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