Operation Priority: Renault FT document

World of Tanks forum member “Amazing_Ace” has put together “Operation Priority“, a downloadable PDF guide to the many variants of the Renault FT.

No Renault FT Left Behind

FT mockupOperation Priority is a project to discover every French Renault FT variant, from the original prototype to the more modern designs. This famous tank sprouted numerous variants, and every one of them is identified in this informational guide. Despite the FTs significance, many designs are hidden and obscure. Each page will feature a variant and the vehicle will be described in a few small, yet detailed, statements. These statements are listed as vehicle name, vehicle type, and background details. They are accompanied by images of a vehicle sprite and an actual picture or illustration.

Read more by downloading or viewing the guide below! A unique feature is that this guide is open to change forever. If you discover any errors or like to add information, tell me below in the Operation Priority Tip Box section. The current version of the guide is below, the version number is also located in the Guide under the contents page:

Download the PDF here.


  1. Thanks, this means a lot to me. 🙂


  2. Helen Peeters says:

    In Crow and Icks, Encyclopedia of Tanks, in the vehicle listing section there are a few more variants listed, but whether these are attested in other publications i don’t know:

    *Char Renault avec procteur Briliant, 1934, early de Thoren CDL on FT.
    *FT Telecommande par radio, 1940, radio controlled vehicle.
    *FT Telecommande par fil et par radio, remote controlled vehicle, cable and wireless.
    *Canon de 155 GPF sur char Renault, 1918, gun on Renault FT chassis. (own comment: for this one i cannot image how they could ever have mounted a GPF on the FT chassis. From other French publications i know there was a light Holt like chassis with a 155mm GPF mounted, maybe there is confusion with this vehicle.)


  3. Helen Peeters says:

    From the same book

    Polish variants:

    * Renault Kardaszewics : 1923, FT w/tracks made of 8 cables w/ cross pieces.
    * Renault Flammatory, 1923: turret removed from French FT, large chemical tank over each track w/centre blower for chemically created smoke
    *Renault FT Modernzaji, 1932, modernized FT, 37 mm gun and 2 MGs, frontal armour increased.

    Russian Variant:

    Reno Russkij, 1920, Renault FT tanks captured from Wrangel army, modified to substitute FIAT truck engine and add Hotchkiss MG in ball mount on right side of turret, mg had to be removed to fire 37 mm gun

    (PS. Inhapi from tanknet forums)


  4. Helen Peeters says:

    I am sorry, somehow i missed your list of foreign variants…you can delete my not so extra info…


  5. Helen Peeters says:

    I see that there are two versions of this PDF online. I wrote down my “additions” after reading the shorter one, not realising there was a much more extensive updated pdf online. Sorry for that. Anyway: great work !!!!!


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